Company Profile



Established in 1993 as a consulting office in Mülheim /Ruhr Germany, IS was founded to serve the process automation market. IS developed solutions for several customised test stands in the automotive and aviation industry. In 1999 IS Intelligent Systems GmbH was founded by Andreas Trampe and Jun Luo. The company start to develop more and more OEM products and found a second main pillar in the security and communication market. Today IS is involved fully in both fields with much success.


Headquarter in Kevelaer, Germany IS employs a team of seven engineers and a small staff for administration. This team is focused on creating new ideas and design of new devises. We manufacture our products with the help of our high-qualified partners in Germany and Asia. This gives us the required flexibility to respond very fast to the market needs. IS Germany is a production free company, that means that we can concentrate fully on development and marketing of our products.


In the area of test units for the automotive and aviation industry, we built facilities for a wide range of products including test-systems for the development and verification of single parts and complete system. We cover the whole range of test benches for engines, turbines, hydraulic units and air units. In this context, IS has developed the first Ethernet-mass-flow controller, that can be connected directly to an Intranet or the Internet.In the security market, we have two centres, which we are focused on: Access Control and Navigation, Location and Remote Control. In Access control, we market electronic key safes (K-Safe Series) from a partner company in Germany and we are developing a wireless network S-Net for electronic access control systems and other purposes.In the Navigation, Location and Remote Control area we have developed our own product series PhoneGuard, which is a very innovative multi-purpose gadget for mobile phones. With PhoneGuard we got the entrance to the world of GSM. And by using g-smart device we have realised a successful SMS transceiver for various application. We also market a higher level fleet management and remote control system DATCOM, it is based on GSM and GPS too. 

Future Trends and Products

 IS Intelligent Systems will continue the strategy of the last years -developing own products and to complement this range with sophisticated products from other manufactures. In the security and communication market we will extend the range of GSM / CDMA based products and come up with our own short range high security wireless network.In the next years IS is planning to become a solutions provider and distributor of wireless related products, rather than just a design house.

IS goes wireless

Global Network

For Coordination of activities from the headquarter in Germany IS has established global network of branches, sales offices and representatives. IS is fully committed to continuing globalisation of marketing and production and to accelerated development of innovative products.